Broken Clavicle

So my summer took a quick turn yesterday as I set out for a nice bike ride.  My plan of a 20 mile ride followed by an afternoon at the pool for my day off quickly changed .24 miles into my ride when a groundhog ran out in front of me.  I was going downhill and had a good amount of momentum as I swerved to not hit the chubby guy. I hit the grass and the next time I opened my eyes I was rolling through the trees along the path.  I jumped up out of the trees and then pain started to set in.  After help from a friendly biker I ended up getting loaded into an ambulance and taken to the hospital where I found out I have a broken clavicle.  When the doctor told me the news and that holding a camera would be out of the picture for several weeks I was crushed.

Updates won’t be as frequent for several weeks as I hope my body recovers as quick as possible!!

For those of you who aren’t the faint of heart here’s my x-ray where you can see the two breaks and three pieces.

photo (12)

Graduation Highlights

Pomp and Circumstance seems to be on repeat in my brain this week as I covered four of our five county graduation ceremonies.  Spread out over the week I covered Penns Valley, State College, Bellefonte and Bald Eagle Area and saw the popularity of “selfies” as someone on stage snapped one of themselves on stage with the class behind them.
grad01 PV Grad12 PV Grad14 grad04 SCgrad12 SCgrad15 BFgrad02 grad08 BFgrad11 grad10 BEA Grad16

PIAA Softball Championships

After a rain delay and evacuation of the stadium fans ran through the gates and to their seats at Beard Field for the final game of the day, the class AA title game, featuring Bald Eagle Area and Central Columbia.  After covering Bald Eagle all season I knew their of their strong fielding and big bats, but all that seemed to fall apart as the game progressed.  Frustration and disappointment flashed across the girls faces as they got the state silver medal after a 13-5 loss.  PIAAsoftball08 PIAAsoftball09 PIAAsoftball10 PIAAsoftball13 PIAAsoftball14 PIAAsoftball16 PIAAsoftball17 PIAAsoftball19 PIAAsoftball20

Photographing at New Heights

Last fall I met two gentleman who have a start up non-profit company to help people learn the ropes of outdoor rock climbing.  Today I tagged along to photograph a climbing 101 class.  I knew I wanted to photograph along side the climbers and signed the release forms to get on the rocks myself.  With my camera clipped around me and the go pro on my helmet we took to the rocks for a fun afternoon.
RockClimbing02 RockClimbing03 RockClimbing05 RockClimbing06 RockClimbing07 RockClimbing08 RockClimbing09 RockClimbing11 RockClimbing12 RockClimbing13 RockClimbing14

PIAA Softball Quarterfinals

Centre County softball teams keep battling the bats to continue in the PIAA softball tournament.  This afternoon I traveled to cover Philipsburg-Osceola take on Beaver at St. Francis University.  I had never photographed at the Red Flash stadium, and I spent most of the game wondering around the field looking for the right angle and location to get clean images.  I did this as the Lady Mounties started on a high note, fell apart for several inning then came back in the seventh for the win.
POsoftball03 POsoftball04 POsoftball07 POsoftball09 POsoftball10 POsoftball13