Pinstripe Bowl

It was a monumental day as Penn State headed to their first bowl game in three seasons.  They took to the Bronx to play Boston College in the Pinstripe Bowl at Yankee Stadium.  I was excited to get the opportunity to cover the game, my first bowl coverage as a professional.  It was a close game that led to an overtime win for the Nittany Lions.  PinstripeFE02 PinstripeFE08 Pinstripe02 Pinstripe03 Pinstripe05 PinstripeFE10 Pinstripe34 Pinstripe07 Pinstripe09 Pinstripe10 Pinstripe11 Pinstripe13 Pinstripe42 Pinstripe43 Pinstripe45 Pinstripe15 Pinstripe17 Pinstripe48 Pinstripe18 Pinstripe19 Pinstripe20

Vaughn and his Crew

As I opened the door to the basement of a church office I was greeted by a scene of laughter, music, brightly painted walls and teenagers lounging in comfy chairs.  I met Vaughn, the youth director for the church who introduced me to his “crew,” the twenty youngsters who were scattered through the space.  Vaughn opened the space several months ago as a safe creative place for teenagers to express themselves and learn.  Four nights a week the doors are open, some nights with a message and chatting about everyones individual purpose and goals, and other nights full of improve, music jams, games and snacks.  I swung by here and there throughout the week to catch Vaughn with the crew and capture their energy.
Vaughn02 Vaughn03 Vaughn04 Vaughn06 Vaughn07 Vaughn08

Baby Excitement

I love being able to share my talents to capture ands share the love and joy of my friends and family.  From simply capturing time we spend together, or engagements and weddings, and today a baby announcement!  I was thrilled to hear two of my friends are expecting and when they mentioned they had a few ideas for photos I jumped on the opportunity.  With their fire place creating a warmth in the room we laughed to capture their love and joy for the little one to come.

Stockings03Stockings20(And of course goofed around a little!)

Engaged, Michelle and Rob

It was an exciting Thanksgiving weekend for a friend of mine from high school after her boyfriend of several years proposed.  They traveled to State College for the final Penn State football game of the season and on Sunday we met up on campus to take a few photos to commemorate their special weekend. They are an outgoing and silly pair which led to some of my favorite photos from our stroll.
MichelleRob03e MichelleRob24e MichelleRob35e MichelleRob56e MichelleRob63e

Rockin’ BJC

The Bryce Jordan Center has been rockin’ the last two nights with big performances.  Last night Transiberian Orchestra lit up the stage with their latest holiday album.  It was difficult to photograph as the stage lights and fog machines created vibrant colors, disguising the true colors of the artists.
TSO2TSO3Tonight the piano man himself took to the stage to entertain a full house.  After growing up listening to Billy Joel I was excited to photograph him.  Lighting for his show was better, but unfortunately the piano didn’t start to rotate till after the song that I was allowed to photograph.