400mm and a recovering clavicle

I’ve been working hard to get back up to speed at work after my surgery and weeks off.  Yesterday I used the 400 mm at baseball for the first time and remembered how heavy of a lens it really it is.  Today was a new challenge, using the 400 mm as I moved around on the sidelines at Penn State football practice.  I don’t want to be delayed in my ability to cover the team this season so knew covering practice would be a challenge but a good start to rebuilding my strength.

About half way through practice we got an up close and personal view of the Lion’s Den drill and I was able to switch to a 70-200 mm, which was good timing for my arm.  Here are some of my favorites.
PSUfballPrac01 PSUfballPrac02 PSUfballPrac03 PSUfballPrac04 PSUfballPrac05 PSUfballPrac08 PSUfballPrac09 PSUfballPrac12 PSUfballPrac13 PSUfballPrac14 PSUfballPrac15 PSUfballPrac18

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