Busy Busy Busy

To quote a classic holiday cartoon today I was busy busy busy!

The day started off earlier than I thought with a garage fire with alerts of explosions. Small gas tanks and air compressors in the building caused the firemen to fight the flames from the perimeter.  POgarageFire2From the fire I headed to Penn State graduation.  I’m always look for something different at the commencement ceremonies and this semester a native student was one of the marshals. In addition to focusing on her accomplishments I looked for expressions as the proud graduates crossed the stage.  PSUwintergrad5PSUwintergrad6PSUwintergrad7PSUwintergrad9From a gymnasium full of cap and gowns to a gymnasium full of cheers and baskets as I headed to a high school game.  BEAbball2 To round out the day I stopped by the State Theatre as a group of performs put on their rendition of a Charlie Brown Christmas.  As I recited all the lines in my head along with the actors I captured their incense and uplifting spirit of the characters.  Charliebrown1 Charliebrown2Now time for some late dinner!


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