Candle Vigil for Newtown

The news of the shooting in Newtown, Connecticut on Friday shook the nation.  I had been out during the morning hours and when I refreshed my twitter feed around noon to see the news I was in shock, as was most the country.  Last night Penn State students banded together to honor the victims and show support for the families and the community of the Newtown.

A group of students who grew up in Newtown spoke about their small town, that had only been known for their creation of Scrabble till the tragic shooting.  One spoke of her younger brother, who was in Sandy Hook Elementary on Friday morning hiding in a closet for safety.

Then a young man stepped up to speak.  He is a Penn State senior whose 6 year old cousin was among the victims and Sandy Hook Elementary.  He spoke about his cousin and how he’d be traveling to Connecticut as soon as he completed his finals to be with his family.  He reminded everyone to spend time with their families and to hug them as often as possible.

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