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So in the last year I have been a lot busier photographing so many things!  Due to that I apologize my blog has suffered.

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A few weeks have passed and I’ve been so busy capturing moments that I haven’t had chance to post some of my favorites here.  I’m working to keep up to date!

We’ve moved into winter sports and the plethora of holiday events for one of the most wonderful times of the year as the song says.  And I’ve gotten to share the story of some pretty adorable youngsters.  Filko 05 PSUvolley4 PolarPlunge2 Hanukkah2 BFPVrec10 BFPVrec19 BfVictorian03 ToysTots1 POwrest4 BowlMedia100 PSU grad9 Amina4 SantaExpress2 SantaExpress4

November Catchin’ Up

The last few weeks have been hustling and bustling crazy!  I apologize for the lack of entries as I got tied into lots of sporting events and news across the county.  So here’s a quick glimpse into what I’ve been working on, from pumpkin drillin’, the start of basketball, somber moments for those around the world, and the closing of soccer season.
powerPumpkins3 CJ 7 LadyLions05 1117PSUhoops03 FranceVigil3 PSUvballM 07 PSuWsoc01

An Adventure with Buck Wilde

It was an early morning for me, and for the day after a football game it seemed even earlier as I trekked out to the Bear Meadows nature land at Rothrock State forest.  I was meeting some other photographer enthusiasts to have a crash course and nature walk with famous wolf and bear photographer Buck Wilde. As he shared some of his years of knowledge and tips I enjoyed learning some things about landscape photography as I photographed him journalistically.

wilde4wilde6wilde5It was a beautiful morning for the fall colors, especially as the fog lifted over the bog.  wilde1

Puppy Social

August is a month four legged friends in the region I’m sure look forward to.  It’s Friday night ice cream socials just for them at Wiscoy animals store.  With frozen peanut butter ice cream, treats and lots of others to sniff out it’s a great way to spend an evening with their best friend.
WiscoyIceCream1 WiscoyIceCream2 WiscoyIceCream3 WiscoyIceCream4


I was so excited for my friends as they prepared to meet their precious baby. Then I was more excited when I found out we’ll share a great name, Abby.  And the best was being able to photograph their new family when she was just 1 week old.
Abigail035 Abigail055 Abigail090Abigail098Abigail104Abigail113Abigail’s 2 months old already today!



Baby Excitement

I love being able to share my talents to capture ands share the love and joy of my friends and family.  From simply capturing time we spend together, or engagements and weddings, and today a baby announcement!  I was thrilled to hear two of my friends are expecting and when they mentioned they had a few ideas for photos I jumped on the opportunity.  With their fire place creating a warmth in the room we laughed to capture their love and joy for the little one to come.

Stockings03Stockings20(And of course goofed around a little!)

Engaged, Michelle and Rob

It was an exciting Thanksgiving weekend for a friend of mine from high school after her boyfriend of several years proposed.  They traveled to State College for the final Penn State football game of the season and on Sunday we met up on campus to take a few photos to commemorate their special weekend. They are an outgoing and silly pair which led to some of my favorite photos from our stroll.
MichelleRob03e MichelleRob24e MichelleRob35e MichelleRob56e MichelleRob63e