Police Ride Along

I’ve done an overnight at the emergency room on a football weekend and climbed in lots of fire trucks. But today was a first as I rode along with a police officer.  I tagged along with a Bellefonte police officer as he assisted at a call and cruised the town to make sure everything was safe.  I learned a lot about how to do speed enforcement and about all the things that the station does.  And luckily I was riding in passenger seat and not in the back! BFpolice 1 BFpolice 3 BFpolice 4

TaxSlayer Bowl Week

What a week it has been!  And we still have the main event tomorrow!

The Penn State football writer for the CDT and myself ventured down to Jacksonville earlier in the week to follow the team through the TaxSlayer Bowl week.

On Wednesday we got to go with the team to the Mayport Naval Station, where they climbed in the helicopters to their own sound effects and Call of Duty references, and they explored a ship, even getting a look at the captains chair.

Thursday morning we got to see the last few minutes of the final practice of the season.  Though I was thrown for a loop with their traditional jersey swap, leaving me not sure who was where! Seniors were hoisted and carried off the field to be honored. PSUPrac03PSUPrac07PSUPrac09

I followed some players to the Wolfson Children’s hospital as they visited patients and shared some Penn State swag.  To see the patients light up and giggle with the players and especially the Nittany Lion was uplifting.  PSUHospital05PSUHospital06PSUHospital08

Today was back to football talk at the morning press conference and then to the crowds of fans gathering for the pep rally.   A drizzle didn’t stop the chants and Blue Band from pumping up the crowd.

Army at Penn State

Today was Military Appreciation day at Penn State football.  When I walked into the Bryce Jordan Center for the Military family tailgate I was shocked at the crowd.  Hundreds of military members were given free tickets for the game to say thank you for their service.

As two youngsters dodged me on the way for a touchdown I snapped away.  When I chatted to the family, both their parents who serve our country said how excited they were to be here in Happy Valley for an experience they’ll never forgot to see a college football game.



I thanked all the military members I talked to and they got my motivation up for the drenching game. Steady rain didn’t slow down the Nittany Lions on their 20-14 win over Army.


Bishop Visit

I’ll admit I was not pleased to get myself out of bed early, presentable and to Philipsburg to cover a church service this morning.  After doing video all day yesterday at Penn State football’s game I was a little drained.  But when I walked into this church I was in awe.

It was gorgeous.  Art history knowledge came flooding back as I looked around the sanctuary.  I was there to photograph the new Bishop, Rt. Rev Audrey Cady Scanlan, whose robes and personality were just as stunning.

Bishop1 Bishop2 Bishop3 Bishop4 Bishop5


Ready for adorable overload!  Today I spent some time photographing…and a lot of time cuddling with some pups at Centre County Paws.  The story focused on the puppies that are coming to Centre County from Carolina where they don’t have room for them.  Most had applications in for them by the time I left the open house event and many pups were tired out from all the play and pets they got from eager want to be owners. Puppies01 Puppies02 Puppies05 Puppies06 Puppies08 Puppies09

Aqua Pups

I love the pool in the summer time. I enjoy swimming, and laying out reading with diving board breaks.  Labor day weekend when they close their doors is a always a disappointing day for me.

Today though I got one final pool day, but instead of enjoying the water myself, I photographed local furry friends having an exciting afternoon and splashing their way through the pool.

DogSwim1 DogSwim3 DogSwim4 DogSwim6 DogSwim7

Makers Week Finale

I learn new things everyday with my job, but today my teachers were younger then normal and definitely could outsmart me. With the summer maker week at Schlow library and the Discovery Space coming to an end youngsters gathered to show off what they’ve created.  Dune buggies stopped and started as they turned through an obstacle course, a drone hovered, pressure bottle rockets shot into the air, and paper towers got built higher and higher.
Makers1 Makers2 Makers3 Makers4 Makers5