Coyler Dam

This afternoon I ventured to Coyler Dam.  This is the first I have been there but we have been writing a lot about the dam which is no longer functioning and the water levels have been dropping.  A lot of money is necessary for the repairs and folks from the community are banding together to raise funds and to bring awareness to the situation.  Today they had a float in, where they got as many people in kayaks, canoes, paddle boats, stand up paddle boards, and row boats to fill the water to take aerial photos.  Since I was on the ground I called out to a canoe as it paddled by to jump in.

Coyler1 Coyler2 Coyler3 Coyler5 Coyler6 Here is the slender racing canoe I was in with Judge Kistler.  Coyler7

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