Fall Saturday

Saturday’s in State College are a very different culture when the Penn State football team is out of town.  There isn’t as much traffic, and it really is a college town in the middle of nowhere.  My day was full of fall Saturday events.

I started out at the State College girl’s soccer game.  It was their pink out game, with money going towards breast cancer research.

From soccer I headed to the Bryce Jordan Center for the Great Insect Fair.  The free event has outgrown several locations and landed on the floor of the BJC this year.  Some bugs made me more squeamish than others as I photographed the youngsters who didn’t seem to mind the multiple legged creatures.  From cockroach races, to edible bug snacks and the buttery fly tent the place was packed with people and crawling with insects.

To end my afternoon I headed to one of the local farms who has a corn maze for visitors to find their way through.  It’s a 2 acre, simple maze, but as I worked my way into the corn trying to locate the voices I heard that quickly faded to the distance as they found their way out, there was a moment of panic that I was lost.  Lucky a few more turns and I was out too!

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