Football Bye Weekends

I know last season I wrote about bye weekends here in State College.  When the football team is off the town is still bustling, but with a different type of activities.  There was a long list of community events to cover today October kicked off.  On my way to my first assignment on the Little Juniata River I literally got stopped by breaking news.  A tractor trailer hauling cars had lost their breaks coming down the mountain and slammed into a house. As neighbors filled the sidewalks in their pajamas we learned there were no serious injuries. SemiCrash02SemiCrash03SemiCrash05 With the accident I never made it to the river clean up before jumping over to State College field hockey. SCFh3To wrap up my day I learned something new along side hundreds people that waited in line to get on the ice at Pegula Ice Arena.  They didn’t wait for hockey, or a figure skating show, they waited for curling.  An Olympic curling official and other curlers from throughout the state taught visitors the basics of throwing the 44 pound stone and sweeping the ice.  Curling1Curling3Curling4Curling5

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