Friday Night Lights, Week 6

As I headed out of the office to my game this evening I turned to see horses grazing as the sun set behind them.  I drove past, then turned around and went back.  I knew I had a few extra minutes and I had to try to capture the gorgeous light.  I waited till one looked up and clicked away.  I was disappointed that fences around the area the horses were grazing  took away from some other shots I had that showed more of the sky.  I travel this path often for work, so we’ll call this test 1, and hopefully there were be more to come.

Tonight’s game was a gridiron battle of two of our teams, Penns Valley at Philipsburg-Oseola.  Penns Valley won their first game last week, and Philipsburg-Osceola is still trying for a W.  The first quarter was slow, a lot of back and forth between the 40s with not much action.  The second half picked up for photos and two Penns Valley touchdowns.

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