Grange Fair Move-In

It’s that time of the year here in Centre County, Grange Fair and encampment has arrived. For those who don’t know Grange Fair is not your average county fair.  There is an endless amount of awesome (and very unhealthy) food, rides, games, livestock and all sorts of contests.  But then there are the tents and RVs.   Over 900 tents and 1300 RVs.  Grange week is vacation for many, and the tents have been passed down through generations and generations of a family.  The fair opens on Thursday, and I’ll have lots of photos to share that will show off more about the fair.

Today was the first day the campers could move into the fairgrounds.  It was building day, kitchens and porches onto each end of the tents.  As I wondered the rows of tents you could hear the excitement from all ages as they hammered, sawed, and tied away.


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