Illustrator Jason Lenox

Today a project I worked on last month ran in our Good Life section.  The first Sunday of each month we publish Good Life, which features people in the area doing unique and interesting things around the community.  This month featured illustrator Jason Lenox.

I met Jason when I was photographing a Setsucon, a comic/anime convention hosted by Penn State students.  Knowing he was from the area I spent some time at his booth as he worked on detailing a panel for his upcoming book and chatted with visitors of all ages.

I sat down with him as he enthusiastically showed me the first book, “Ugli Studios Presents #1.” He then flipped through his current project showing me how he sketched out the pages, and will continue the process by detailing each panel after a high quality scan was made.

A couple weeks later I met up with Jason again in his home studio to see the progress and make some more images.  We chatted for two hours as I photographed and he carefully detailed just one panel of a four panel page.

I tried as many different angles as I could as his pens moved very precisely through the panel.

Keep your eyes out for the new book and Jason’s work to be featured in a movie in the upcoming months.

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