Joe Paterno Statue

The Freeh report about Penn State’s involvement in the Jerry Sandusky scandal was released late last week and has caused a great amount turmoil and negative attention for Penn State and late legendary coach Joe Paterno.  Blame has fallen on the shoulders of Joe Paterno and a great deal of comotion has risen about the statue that stands outside Beaver Stadium.  Earlier in the week a plane circled campus with a banner stating, “take down the statue or we will.”  Many have been flocking to the statue incase something does happen, and I have spent the last two afternoons there chatting with people and photographing.

I’ve photographed fans at the statue many times in the last year including when the scandal first broke in November, when Joe passed away in January, and during graduation weeks.  I was looking for new angles and decided to do some details of statue.  

Today the crowd was larger and a line formed take photos.  Cars would drive by and yell in disgust, or shout “We Are” in support as people took their turns.

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