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A pedestrian walks through the shadows of the Pugh Street garage.


Yum Yum Abdul yells for justice for her friend Osaze Osagie as she and others from the 3/20 coalition held a protest outside of the Centre County Courthouse Annex.


Camrie Confer cheers as she sprays silly string into the air with their classmates to celebrate graduating from Penns Valley Area High School.


Volunteers remove ballots from their envelopes to be counted at the Centre County ballot processing site.


Firefighters work to extinguish the flames at an apartment complex at 470 Waupelani Drive.

Michelle 2

The morning light shines through the trees as Michelle Wheeler trains on the roads of Boalsburg.


Members of the 3/20 Coalition held a "die-in" outside of the Centre County Courthouse Annex. The 3/20 Coalition wants District Attorney Bernie Cantorna to resign after his "mishandling" of the Osaze Osagie investigation.


Christine Chichester transports a pup to from the No Dog Left Behind plane that brought 15 dogs from South Carolina to Centre County PAWS.


Sophie Schnitzler, 97, and Bill Davies, 66, were crowned the queen and king of the prom during a celebration at The Wynwood House in Boalsburg for residents and their families.


Geoffrey Wilds smokes a cigar at Your Cigar Den in State College.


Virginia Paige Bathgate, 5, makes a snow angle in an untouched area of snow at Slab Cabin Park.

PiazzaPresser 4

Jim and Evelyn Piazza grieve as Centre County District Attorney Stacy Parks Miller announces the findings and charges from the grand jury investigation into the death of Timothy Piazza at the Bellefonte Courthouse annex. Piazza died after injuries sustained at Beta Theta Pi in February 2017.

AirportDrill 1

Logan fire company volunteer Ryan Magill carries a mannequin from a plane during an airport emergency training exercise at the University Park Airport.


The Bryce Jordan Center sings and dances to Go Go Gadget in the final hour of the 2014 Penn State IFC/Panhellenic Dance Marathon. The 46 hour dance marathon is the culminating event to the year long fundraising efforts for the Four Diamonds Fund.

DrinkDraw 3

Josh Jozefick draws on his iPad during Drink and Draw at the Champs on North Atherton Street.


Camilla, a resident at Elmcroft State College holds a sign that says "I have the world's best kids" as she watches the Mother's Day parade go by. Families decorated and waved from their cars as residents sat six feet apart wearing masks to celebrate.


Jeremy Sarkissian looks at the wreckage from the early morning crash and fire that he helped to pull two women from at 195 Old Fort Road. After hearing yells for help Sarkissian and other neighbors saved the women as the fire grew.


A view of the crop art in Ferguson Township promoting presidential candidate Joe Biden. Crop artist Stan Herd was hired by Biden's campaign to create three pieces in battleground states of Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania.


Pastor Jes Kast shares a message with the congregation of Faith United Church of Christ during the kayak church service at Bald Eagle State Park.


Josiah Viera walks down the State College Spikes' club house hallway before the July 3, 2016 game. Progeria doesn't stop the 12 year old from being the teams honorary coach. Doctors estimate Viera's body is as frail as a 110 year olds, with arthritis and a list of health issues.