Knowing Your News

When I arrive to sporting events I’m mostly focused on the action, but some games have added elements.  The PSU men’s basketball game earlier in the week had some pregame drama with two of the visiting teams players.  Today’s game I was keeping my eye for cool feature photos since it was the THON hoops day, with all money from ticket sales going to help the fight against pediatric cancer.

But as the game started I recognized a familiar face sitting court side, former Penn State president Graham Spanier.  Spanier hasn’t been seen at a Penn State event since he fired from the school and charged after being connected to the Sandusky scandal.  I snapped a  bunch of photos of him throughout the game, and was surprised when other photographers hadn’t noticed him.  Being on top of the events and people in this community is one of the important things for any journalist, and helps to catch things that can turn into new stories.

Back to the game action…

With less than a minute to go, and Penn State trailing, they had several fouls called in their favor.  They missed the majority of those shots and fell to the cornhuskers.

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