Maple Harvest Festival

The smell of pancakes wafted through the air when I arrived at the 30th Annual Maple Harvest Festival at Shaver’s Creek Environmental Center.  I’ve covered the event in previous years so this year wanted a new focus.  The festival invites visitors follow an educational trail to learn the process of making syrup. At the end, or some choose to do so at the beginning, they can enjoy an all you can eat pancakes, of course covered in maple syrup.  I started chatting with the pancake chefs, or “flipper skippers” as they’ve titled themselves and found out that an hour into the festival they’d already made 2000 pancakes!

Check out a short video of the pancake pavilion by following this link,

From the pancakes I followed the educational trail and met up with several families learning the maple syrup process many Penn State students and volunteers.

Now time to go find some pancakes!

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