Michigan State at Penn State men’s hoops

Tonight Penn State men’s basketball hosted Michigan State.

During the afternoon reports started to surface that two of Michigan State’s key players got in a fight at the Nittany Lion Inn, the hotel on campus where the team was staying.  Due to the fight, which resulted in a some property damage, the two, who are roommates back in East Lansing, wouldn’t be playing in the first half.  As I watched the players interact during the first half on the bench, they laughed together and encouraged their teammates, so the fight must have easily blown over.

I always enjoy watching the coaches during the game, especially big name ones like Tom Izzo, who was calm through the first half.  During the second half Penn State coach Patrick Chambers emotions were up and down, with several seconds that he buried his head in a towel.

When Payne entered the game for the second half, he made up for the half that he missed.

Penn State’s Marshall led the team with 29 points, but it wasn’t enough as the Spartans won, 81-72. 


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