More Fall Weekends

The fall weekends continue with the Penn State football team on a bye weekend festivals filled the county.  I started the morning at the train station as eager folks of all ages set off on a ride to see the fall foliage.
BFTrain2 BFTrain4 From there I continued to a soccer match up between two of our coverage schools.  It was an intense battle up and down the field as the wind whipped.  POBEAsoc5 POBEAsoc7 My next spot for a majority of the afternoon was the annual Punkin’ Chunkin’ at Bald Eagle State Park.  The 4th annual event that benefits the Howard fire company has brought trebuchets from far and wide and larger crowds each year.   The pumpkins were flying into the lake with entertaining announcing and cheers and from the shore.  PunkinChunkin03 PunkinChunkin05 PunkinChunkin08

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