Musselman’s Ice Skating Show

With Pegula Ice Arena still in its opening month visitors are taking every chance they get to see the new facility.  Tonight Musselman’s Applesauce used the state of the art rink to host a family ice skating show with country star Sara Evans.  I sat on the edge of the ice for the first half, trying not to get hit by boom camera as they taped the special to be aired on television later in the month.

skating01 MusselmanIce04 MusselmanIce08 MusselmanIce10 skating05 As the stars took a break the Penn State figure skating club and the Nittany Lion showed off their skills.  MusselmanIce16 For the second half I wondered around the top of the arena and watched the excitement in the crowd from the flips and spins.  MusselmanIce18 MusselmanIce19 MusselmanIce20

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