Pastor Monica

Today a story I worked on throughout holy week was published.  When I walked into the church on Palm Sunday I was greeted with smiles and introduced to the new pastor, Monica.  I instantly felt comfortable and at ease as I started to photograph her prepping for the service.

When a little girl rounded the corner into Monica’s office she jumped up and held the girl up in the air as she giggled.  Monica told me that is a weekly tradition for her and the girl, but is worried about the day the girl is too big to hold up!

As the service began I retreated to the  balcony and moved around the congregation as quietly as possible as Monica’s uplifting and positive personality filled the sanctuary.

I returned to the church for the Maundy Thursday service, that was a new experience for the congregation.  Pastor Monica led them through the evening as they bible says Jesus did, from the last meal, so humming in the church garden and a somber moment in the sanctuary.

After photographing at the church I could tell how Pastor Monica has fit into her new congregation, leading them spiritually and becoming part of their families.

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