Penn State Spring 2014 Graduation

Penn State holds three commencement weekends a year.  Thousands of students earn their diplomas each semester and celebrate with proud strides across the stage and photos at the Lion Shrine.

This is my 10th commencement weekend to cover and I’m always looking to switch up the photos and which college we cover.  For the first time since I graduated 4 years ago I went to the College of Arts and Architecture graduation.  I might be biased, but I think it’s one of the most fun ceremonies across campus.  From a morning breakfast the graduates walk through campus to Eisenhower Auditorium accompanied by a dixie land band.  The keynote speaker had the entire crowd laughing and dancing in their seats before the diplomas were handed out, and with artistic folk the excitement is visible.
PSUGrad04 PSUGrad05 PSUGrad06 PSUGrad09 PSUGrad12 PSUGrad15

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