Penn State Women’s Soccer

It’s still technically summer, but fall sports are here.  Schools are back in session and athletes are taking to the fields.   Tonight I was at Penn State women’s soccer home opener against West Virginia.

The setting sun was harsh on the players when I first arrived, leading me to change sides of the field till it was lower in the sky.  Then when half time arrived new Penn State AD wondered onto the field to take part in the ALS ice bucket challenge.  With still trying to take it easy on my shoulder I only had the 400 mm with me.   At first I was disappointed I couldn’t be close to get the water splashing around her, I was very pleased with the image I did get from a few yards down the field.  The 400 helped to drop out any distraction and show the water.
PSUwSoccer01 PSUwSoccer02 PSUwSoccer05 PSUwSoccer06 PSUwSoccer07 PSUwSoccer08 PSUwSoccer09 PSUwSoccer10 PSUwSoccer11

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