Princess Paula

I hadn’t even gotten the door closed yet when adorable 4 year old Paula jumped up the stairs to the landing and asked if we could play.  She didn’t want me to take photographs, instead I helped her build a lego castle, had to put my camera down to dance with her, and pretended to slurp up a delicious puzzle piece soup, with salt, pepper and chocolate.  I snuck a few photos in among the play time and would never have guessed that the giggling ball of energy has battled tumors and has doctors still looking for an exact cause.  Paula is a Four Diamonds child who just loves the chance to play with the college kids who have adopted her and her family through Thon.  Though her immune system won’t be strong enough to attend the 46 hour dance marathon this weekend, she’ll be dancing at home!
Paula1 Paula2 Paula5 Paula7

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