State College Brew Expo

There are some events that I am disappointed I am there to cover it rather than to enjoy. Tonight’s assignment of the State College Brew Expo was one of those, but I ended having a better time covering the event and making photos than I think I would have been just being there.  The expo at Tussey Mountain featured over thirty breweries with endless taps of unique beers.  So many friendly people to chat with and everyone wanted to get their picture in the paper.

When I first arrived I saw a lot of pretzel necklaces and after chatting with one group of guys learned that their homemade accessory was the perfect snack between beers to clean the palate.



As I wondered through the tents I saw some unique taps, including one that ran the beer through a filter of fresh hops as it headed to the tap, and met a lot of breweries with interesting stories. Brew03





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