Broken Clavicle

So my summer took a quick turn yesterday as I set out for a nice bike ride.  My plan of a 20 mile ride followed by an afternoon at the pool for my day off quickly changed .24 miles into my ride when a groundhog ran out in front of me.  I was going downhill and had a good amount of momentum as I swerved to not hit the chubby guy. I hit the grass and the next time I opened my eyes I was rolling through the trees along the path.  I jumped up out of the trees and then pain started to set in.  After help from a friendly biker I ended up getting loaded into an ambulance and taken to the hospital where I found out I have a broken clavicle.  When the doctor told me the news and that holding a camera would be out of the picture for several weeks I was crushed.

Updates won’t be as frequent for several weeks as I hope my body recovers as quick as possible!!

For those of you who aren’t the faint of heart here’s my x-ray where you can see the two breaks and three pieces.

photo (12)