Local Woman Attacked

When I arrived at the office today and checked the schedule it looked like a quiet day.  My co worker was out on an assignment and I was sorting through some images when a commotion started on the scanner.  A female was attacked on the bike trail, one that I frequently travel.  I quickly ran through the newsroom trying to locate an editor and reporter to let them know as I headed out towards the trail.  By the time I arrived on scene all available units were called as a man hunt started for the suspect who was running through the fields and woods surrounding the area.  Helicopters circled the area as a  reporter and myself tried to stay close the police commands and location changes.

As the night sky set in the police chief gave a brief media update about incident and the ongoing search.

I spent the night by the scanner waiting for an update, but the search was canceled for the evening due to the dark and cold temperatures.

The day has taken a toll on the feeling of safety in this college town as the trail is used by many students and community members on a daily basis.