November Catchin’ Up

The last few weeks have been hustling and bustling crazy!  I apologize for the lack of entries as I got tied into lots of sporting events and news across the county.  So here’s a quick glimpse into what I’ve been working on, from pumpkin drillin’, the start of basketball, somber moments for those around the world, and the closing of soccer season.
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Double Hoops

It was a day of basketball in the Bryce Jordan Center as Penn State starts up their seasons.  I’m getting back into the speed of basketball, and gaining strength back from my summer surgery to be able to hold a camera vertically for extended amounts of time.  It seems like a simple thing, but I quickly felt the difference.  LadyLions02 LadyLions04 LadyLions05 LadyLions07 PSUhoops02 PSUhoops04 PSUhoops06