Police Ride Along

I’ve done an overnight at the emergency room on a football weekend and climbed in lots of fire trucks. But today was a first as I rode along with a police officer.  I tagged along with a Bellefonte police officer as he assisted at a call and cruised the town to make sure everything was safe.  I learned a lot about how to do speed enforcement and about all the things that the station does.  And luckily I was riding in passenger seat and not in the back! BFpolice 1 BFpolice 3 BFpolice 4

Veterans Bridge

With the summer holidays there is a boost of patriotism all around.  Today those who have fought for our freedom were honored with the renaming of a bridge in Bellefonte to Veterans Bridge.  Historical photos show men and women marching across the bridge to take the train to represent our country.  During the ceremony the table for the missing soldier was explained.  I was moved by the explanation of the table and captured the solitude as a small American flag waved in the breeze.

Pizza Bowl

Earlier this week I read a statistic that Super Bowl Sunday is the biggest pizza selling day of the year.  We decided to see if that held true locally and headed to Pizza Mia as the big game approached.  Dough was being tossed, the pizzas were rotating out of the oven faster than boxes were ready and baked wings were constant features in the oven.  With most employees squeezed into the kitchen or out running deliveries it sure was the Pizza Bowl.  Pizza2 Pizza3 Pizza4 Pizza5

Pup to the Rescue

I woke up this morning to a call about a fire in Bellefonte. Bellefonte is comprised of many large historical buildings, that have a bad history of terrible fires.  I got to the scene as quick as I could to see crews already had the fire under control and it was contained to a small portion of the three story building.  As I chatted with people gathered on the sidewalk I met Tom, and his dog Buster, who was the hero for the day.  Buster never gets into bed with Tom, but this morning he jumped up to wake up Tom and alert him of the fire.  They both made it out of the building through the thick smoke, and warned another tenant to get out.  Way to go Buster! VerizonFire01 VerizonFire02 VerizonFire04 VerizonFire05

Graduation Highlights

Pomp and Circumstance seems to be on repeat in my brain this week as I covered four of our five county graduation ceremonies.  Spread out over the week I covered Penns Valley, State College, Bellefonte and Bald Eagle Area and saw the popularity of “selfies” as someone on stage snapped one of themselves on stage with the class behind them.
grad01 PV Grad12 PV Grad14 grad04 SCgrad12 SCgrad15 BFgrad02 grad08 BFgrad11 grad10 BEA Grad16