Newbill, Tattoo in Honor

When I was chatting with the Penn State men’s basketball reporter last week an idea of his came up in our conversation.  The Coaches versus Cancer game was hitting close to home this year for one of the players.  D.J. Newbill, a starter for the team, lost his mom in September to cancer.  To preview the event the reporter was talking to Newbill about what this game and the foundation that raises money for cancer means to him.   In honor of his mother Newbill has “Meme” tattooed on his neck.  I knew I had an image from a previous game that might show the tattoo.

When I found the image I realized the way he shoots he blocks some of the letters and it’s difficult to get a clean shot of the tattoo while he was in a game.  I suggested we try to set up a portait, and maybe have him bring a picture of his mom to accompany the story.

Today I got a few minutes to meet up with Newbill before practice in the auxiliary gym at the Bryce Jordan Center.  He didn’t  have a picture of his mom, but did have the gray uniform the team will be wearing for the special game.   With limited time I tried my best to focus on the tattoo and how this Penn State hoops game will be different than some of the others.