Color Run

When I found out the Color Run was coming to Penn State my first thought was I want to participate!  But as soon as I found out it was a Sunday afternoon I knew I’d be there to cover it.  Then the research began, I’ve read a lot of horror stories about the colored corn starch that is used in the event can do damage to your slr.  When the race arrived today I was ready with my gear wrapped in rain gear and a plan to keep a safe distance.

The race was sold out with over 10,000 participants who ran through the several color zones on the 5k loop around campus.  At the end of the race is a color party with more color thrown in the air and lots of dancing.

ColorRun01 ColorRun02 ColorRun04 ColorRun06 ColorRun07 ColorRun08 Color07 ColorRun13 ColorRun14 ColorRun15