THON is the biggest weekend in February for Penn Staters and Four Diamonds families across the region.  But the fundraising efforts reach way beyond Penn State’s efforts and mini thons are popping up in schools everywhere.  Tonight the State College Middle Schools hosted their dance marathon to raise money for families battling pediatric cancer.  With several Four Diamond children among them the students danced and cheered to their own line dance and activities.
minithon01 minithon02 minithon03 minithon05 minithon07

Egg Scramble

Today is the magical Saturday of the year were hundreds of youngsters all over the county make the mad dash to scoop up as many plastic candy filled eggs as they can, as quickly as they can.  Each year I find a new hunt to cover.  This year I was State College Alliance church were they had a huge field covered with thousands of “little candy ovens” one organizer said as the plastic eggs waited in the sun.  The youngest ones were released first, with a few extra moments before the bigger kids flooded the space too.  And within a few minutes it was all finished and the sugar high began! Eggs02 Eggs03 Eggs04 Eggs06

1969 Shelby

Today I got to photograph a car.  Sounds like a boring assignment, but this car and its story are far from boring.

A gentleman in our area passed away in the fall, and when auctioneers started going through his home and garage they found his 1969 Shelby Mustang in pristine condition.  The car, which was last inspected in 1972, only has 8,000 miles on it, and is in all of it’s original glory.  The auction doesn’t happen till late April, but already has thousands of people from all over the country and world, talking about it.  National news outlets have even been in contact to do stories on the rare gem that is prepared to sell with a high price tag.
Shelby01 Shelby02 Shelby03 Shelby04 Shelby05 Shelby08 Shelby09

Maple Harvest Festival

Every year Shaver’s Creek Environmental Center hosts the Maple Harvest Festival.  This year several trees were producing sap that visitors could taste right from the tree.  The temperature combination has to be just right for the sap to be dripping.  

MapleHarvest05MapleHarvest10MapleHarvest09MapleHarvest11One of the neat things about Shaver’s Creek is the wide variety of rescue birds they have.  I captured this Great Horned Owl as he watches the crowds shuffle by.  MapleHarvest01

THON 2014 Sunday

I was back in the Bryce Jordan Center bright and early today for the last several hours of THON 2014.  From an emotional family hour, to an energy filled final hour the the building was at capacity with dancers on their feet through the aches and pains.  After 46 hours they sat, but only for minutes before they jumped up to celebrate this years grand total of over $13 million!  THONSun01 THONSun02 THONSun05 THONSun09 THONSun11 SunTHON06 SunTHON07 THONSun16 THONSun18 THONSun19 THONSun20 THONSun22 THONSun24 THONSun28 THONSun32 THONSun34FOR THE KIDS!

THON 2014 Saturday

After high school wrestling I was back to THON.  I met up with some of the Four Diamonds families as they toured the Lasch Football building as part of an event with the Make-A-Wish foundation.  The kids darted around the locker room trying on equipment and Spider sent a warm message to all in the room.  THONSat02 SatTHOn02 THONSat04 As I walked into the BJC about 22 hours into the event the building was rocking, as usual.  THONSat05 THONSat11 THONSat12 THONSat13 THONSat14 THONSat15 After I edited the first group of photos and got some dinner I decided to head back for the late night fun. I knew the images wouldn’t make it in to print, but we rarely cover the pep rally and I was looking for more photos to continue adding to my gallery.  I bumped into one of our local youngsters who has battled cancer, and laughed captured her antics.  Then came the friendly dance off competition full of 90’s tunes, flips and entertainment from the sports teams and Blue Band.  THONSatN02 SatTHOn11 THONSatN07 THONSatN09 SatTHOn14

Snow Day

The snow was coming down as I got ready for work, and with all the schools close I knew my assignments had been canceled.  I layered on the warm clothes and threw my snow pants in the car.  As the snow accumulated outside our office I headed out to find snow features.  Being fully prepared for the elements I excitedly headed to get a newsy photo as the traffic built up from Penn State dismissing early.  Then the fun began as I captured sledding youngsters, snow boarding teens and an adorable puppy.  ThursSnow01 ThursSnow03 ThursSnow04 ThursSnow05 ThursSnow06 ThursSnow07 ThursSnow09