Michigan at Penn State football

Football season always seems like it’s going to go for so long, then the season arrives and poof it’s gone!  I truly enjoy covering Penn State football games, even through the several terrible weather ones we had this season.  Today was the last home game of the season with amped security and senior day festivities.  The Nittany Lions couldn’t pull off the win though, and fell to Michigan 28-16.
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November Catchin’ Up

The last few weeks have been hustling and bustling crazy!  I apologize for the lack of entries as I got tied into lots of sporting events and news across the county.  So here’s a quick glimpse into what I’ve been working on, from pumpkin drillin’, the start of basketball, somber moments for those around the world, and the closing of soccer season.
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Army at Penn State

Today was Military Appreciation day at Penn State football.  When I walked into the Bryce Jordan Center for the Military family tailgate I was shocked at the crowd.  Hundreds of military members were given free tickets for the game to say thank you for their service.

As two youngsters dodged me on the way for a touchdown I snapped away.  When I chatted to the family, both their parents who serve our country said how excited they were to be here in Happy Valley for an experience they’ll never forgot to see a college football game.



I thanked all the military members I talked to and they got my motivation up for the drenching game. Steady rain didn’t slow down the Nittany Lions on their 20-14 win over Army.


Maryland at Penn State

Penn State headed into Beaver Stadium bright and early for the noon kick off against Maryland hoping to end their three game loosing streak.   With Maryland’s first season in the Big Ten some were saying this would be a rivalry rehashed and Penn State was looking for a win to get them closer to a bowl.

Going into the Penn State was leading, 9-7, with not touchdowns, but three field goals by Ficken.  The Terrapins came back with strong defense to win, 20-19.
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Tussey mOUnTaiNBACK

It was chilly this morning as I pulled into Rothrock State Forest, with my car showing 37 degrees at 8:45.  I was bundled up but the hundreds of runners along the parks roads for the 15th annual Tussey MOUnTaiNBACK didn’t seem to be phased.  From the ultra marathoners running the full 50 miles alone to the relay teams cheering on their friends there was a warm energy.  The fall foliage led to some great photo opportunities and added a level of excitement to my photos.  Mountainback01 Mountainback02 Mountainback04 Mountainback05 Mountainback07 Mountainback09

More Fall Weekends

The fall weekends continue with the Penn State football team on a bye weekend festivals filled the county.  I started the morning at the train station as eager folks of all ages set off on a ride to see the fall foliage.
BFTrain2 BFTrain4 From there I continued to a soccer match up between two of our coverage schools.  It was an intense battle up and down the field as the wind whipped.  POBEAsoc5 POBEAsoc7 My next spot for a majority of the afternoon was the annual Punkin’ Chunkin’ at Bald Eagle State Park.  The 4th annual event that benefits the Howard fire company has brought trebuchets from far and wide and larger crowds each year.   The pumpkins were flying into the lake with entertaining announcing and cheers and from the shore.  PunkinChunkin03 PunkinChunkin05 PunkinChunkin08

Pumpkin Season

Pumpkin pie, pumpkin cookies, pumpkin lattes, pumpkin photos!  Tonight kicked off my pumpkin season with covering the Penn State Arboretum’s Pumpkin Festival.  Each year hundreds of pumpkins are distributed for free to folks of all ages, youngsters, students and community members.  The pumpkins are then returned, carved, painted and decorated, to be judged and displayed.  I’m always impressed by the pumpkins, since mine usually end up in a lopsided disaster!
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