Honoring Buck

It’s been a sad week in the Centre region after an 18 year old firefighter in nearby Clearfield was injured. Buck was on the front lines battling a house fire when the porch collapsed, injuring him and later taking his life.  Emergency personnel from across the region and state gathered this afternoon to remember and honor him.  Fire trucks were draped with black fabric and lights flashed as the hundred of trucks followed in the procession under an American flag.  Buck01 Buck02 Buck03 Buck05 Buck07 Buck08 Buck09 Buck10 Buck11 Buck12

Pup to the Rescue

I woke up this morning to a call about a fire in Bellefonte. Bellefonte is comprised of many large historical buildings, that have a bad history of terrible fires.  I got to the scene as quick as I could to see crews already had the fire under control and it was contained to a small portion of the three story building.  As I chatted with people gathered on the sidewalk I met Tom, and his dog Buster, who was the hero for the day.  Buster never gets into bed with Tom, but this morning he jumped up to wake up Tom and alert him of the fire.  They both made it out of the building through the thick smoke, and warned another tenant to get out.  Way to go Buster! VerizonFire01 VerizonFire02 VerizonFire04 VerizonFire05

Fire Destroys Family Home

After a busy weekend with the Sandusky trial verdict I hoped for a quiet Sunday night.  I was just about to leave the office for the evening when the scanner started to go off.  Calls of a fire and as I listened to the calls for more trucks at the scene I knew I had to go.  It’s always scary and sad to watch someone’s home come down, but the news is important as the glow and smoke could be smelled for miles.