Bald Eagle Area at Philipsburg-Osceola Football

For week two of Friday night lights I headed to Philipsburg-Osceola as they hosted fellow Mountain League team Bald Eagle Area.  With very shallow sidelines I was dodging the tackles from the competition of the first half.  The second half Bald Eagle Area got ahead for a big win over the Mounties.

Friday Night Lights, Week 6

As I headed out of the office to my game this evening I turned to see horses grazing as the sun set behind them.  I drove past, then turned around and went back.  I knew I had a few extra minutes and I had to try to capture the gorgeous light.  I waited till one looked up and clicked away.  I was disappointed that fences around the area the horses were grazing  took away from some other shots I had that showed more of the sky.  I travel this path often for work, so we’ll call this test 1, and hopefully there were be more to come.

Tonight’s game was a gridiron battle of two of our teams, Penns Valley at Philipsburg-Oseola.  Penns Valley won their first game last week, and Philipsburg-Osceola is still trying for a W.  The first quarter was slow, a lot of back and forth between the 40s with not much action.  The second half picked up for photos and two Penns Valley touchdowns.

Friday Night Lights, Week 5

We cover 5 school districts in Centre County.  This week all but one of our teams was playing out of the county.  So I was off to the one at home game, Penns Valley.  I hadn’t covered the Rams yet this season, but was worried when I heard they, and their opponents, had 0-4 records.  The game ended up being an exciting one as Penns Valley seemed to find their passing game.

Friday Night Lights, Week 3

So I apologize about my week long hiatus from blog posts.  I had several days off from work to travel home to be with my family as we held memorial services for my grandfather, or Bebop as my cousins and I called him.  It’s difficult to say goodbye to someone, but it was nice to have a few days with my entire family all together.  I didn’t take many photos, but thought I’d share these two that I snapped with my phone.  We all went to the pagoda, a Reading landmark, and had a very moving few moments as hawks circled above us, and church bells rang throughout the city.  Then of course we had a big toast to celebrate the great life he had and family he created.


When I got back to State College it was right back into the swing of things with a busy Friday afternoon, and a high school football game.  Since I was running around so much I didn’t get to my game till the sun had already set in the sky.  The stadium lights aren’t as strong as I’d like them to be, so I pumped up the ISO to capture the action as Bellefonte crushed Philipsburg-Osceola.


Friday Night Lights, Week 2

Today was an interesting Friday.  I started out my day at the Nittany Antique Machinery show on the grounds of Penns Cave.  This event happens twice a year this was my fourth time covering the event.  I usually cover it on Sunday as the event is starting to draw to an end, so being there on the first day was a different experience.

My favorite image from the day was all the tractors lined up through the field.

Then it was time for football.  I headed over the mountain to Philipsburg-Osceola as they hosted Bald Eagle Area.

Through the first quarter I kept seeing the clouds light up, but figured it was heat lightening.   By the start of the second quarter I realized I was wrong as long bolts flashed in the distance.  Players cleared the stands as they went on delay till the storm passed.

Friday Night Lights, Week 1

Football is back.  Tonight I covered two of our local teams as they kicked off their seasons on a warm end of the summer evening.  The light was great for the first ten minutes, then it worked it’s way behind the mountain and perfect light was replaced with the red/green/yellow flickering of the stadium lights.  Gotta get my football mind set back, tomorrow Penn State kicks off at noon in Beaver Stadium.

During a few timeouts in the second quarter I was totally distracted as the full blue moon rose over the mountain.