Memorial Day Rememberance

Red, white and blue and veteran caps dotted the crowd gathered at the Pine Hall cemetery this afternoon for the annual Memorial Day service.  Volunteers raised American flags throughout the cemetery as taps rung through the air on a bugle.

Then Sgt. Adam Hartswick stepped up to the mic to share his story.  Adam recently celebrated his alive day, 1 year since he lost both of his legs over seas.  He recalled the events that day, and the friends he watched perish ahead of him.  He reminded the crowd to remember those who have been lost and never let their names be forgotten.

Each time I have the opportunity to photograph Adam I learn more of his story and the sacrifices he and many others have made to keep everyone in the States as safe as possible.  Pause during the barbecues this weekend to say thank you to those lives that have been lost over the years.
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