PSU Men’s Volleyball

I’ve always found volleyball to be one of the tougher sports to cover, and tonight I was thinking it’s hard when I never feel in practice for it.  The women play in the fall, and right as I was feeling confident in their coverage, the season came to end.  Now it’s the start of the spring mens season and it took me a set to get warmed up to the quickness of the game.
PSUVolley01 PSUVolley02 PSUVolley03 PSUVolley05

OSU at PSU Men’s Volleyball

I was glad to hear that the Penn State men’s volleyball game was in the main gym at Rec Hall this evening.  For some of the recent games the team has been bumped to a smaller side gym due to gymnastics needing the main gym.  The side gym isn’t as bright, and I can’t get as good vantage points to shoot over the net.  I take for granted the perks the facility has to get a clean angle of the players faces.

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