Keystone Mulitmedia Workshop

It has been a busy, hot three days.  I spent the last few days in Gettysburg at the Keystone Multimedia Workshop, running around with a bulky tripod and headphones on a DSLR in 90 degree heat.  It was a great experience to work on my multimedia skills and learn some of the techniques I hadn’t learned previously.  I took art video classes, but a journalsim video workshop made me realize a lot of important things.  Tripods are awesome, and frame rates can change everything.  Audio is so important and you have to think like you see.

I started out trying to find a subject that would be a local tie to State College that the paper can use when it comes time for the 150th anniversary of Gettysburg.  I happened to run into the right person at the right time and was put in contact with Zach, a State College native and Penn Stater who is interning at Gettysburg this summer.

Interpreting Gettysburg

I was limited to time with Zach, since he was in training most the day, so even though I knew I found a great story for the paper, I wanted to do some more in depth video work.  So Saturday morning I woke up bright and early and headed to the battle fields where a volunteer workday was underway.  Tasks were happening all around the fields, from fence building, painting and walkway clean up.  I headed to the cemetery where volunteers where cleaning and enhancing the memorials for those who have served.  As I started to roam among the people two gentleman chatting caught my attention.  I started to record and met Pat, a Navy Veteran who drove 690 miles to volunteer.


Most the weekend was spent hitting record instead of the shutter, but out of the limited amount of stills I took, here are my two favorites.