I was so excited for my friends as they prepared to meet their precious baby. Then I was more excited when I found out we’ll share a great name, Abby.  And the best was being able to photograph their new family when she was just 1 week old.
Abigail035 Abigail055 Abigail090Abigail098Abigail104Abigail113Abigail’s 2 months old already today!



Baby Janni

Earlier this week I got to spend some time with Janni, my friends’ absolutely adorable newborn.  He was 7 days old, awake and moving around for our photo session.  We were glad he was awake so we could capture some images with his beautiful blue eyes and some of his expressions.

This may have been the first portrait session I just couldn’t stop smiling while I edited, so precious!