A few weeks have passed and I’ve been so busy capturing moments that I haven’t had chance to post some of my favorites here.  I’m working to keep up to date!

We’ve moved into winter sports and the plethora of holiday events for one of the most wonderful times of the year as the song says.  And I’ve gotten to share the story of some pretty adorable youngsters.  Filko 05 PSUvolley4 PolarPlunge2 Hanukkah2 BFPVrec10 BFPVrec19 BfVictorian03 ToysTots1 POwrest4 BowlMedia100 PSU grad9 Amina4 SantaExpress2 SantaExpress4

Vigil for Tally

Tragic news came from this past weekends THON canning when a carload of students crashed, killing one.  Hundreds filled Old Main lawn for a vigil in her honor.  Bouquets and bouquets of flowers lined the walls and her sorority sisters shared stories of her fun loving bubbly personality from the glow of candles and teary eyes.

TallyVigil1 TallyVigil2 TallyVigil3

Pomp and Circumstance

I caught myself humming pomp and circumstance yesterday around my house as I got ready for work, so I was glad that today was my last high school graduation of the year.  From Grace Prep’s graduation, with a moment of hugs and prayers for each student, to State College in the Bryce Jordan Center and Penns Valley’s outside just beating a storm I tried my best to capture the personalities of the 2015 graduates.  GraceGrad08 GraceGrad13SCgrad03SCgrad12PVGrad06PVGrad14

Protesting the Rape Culture

Last week police released a Penn State fraternity is under investigation for having a private page on facebook that included photos of women.  Since awareness programs and protests against the rape culture have popped up around campus and town.  Today a group gathered at the Allen Street gates and decided to take their chants and signs directly the to front lawn of the frat in question.   KDRprotest3 KDRprotest4 KDRprotest6 KDRprotest7 KDRprotest8

Honoring Buck

It’s been a sad week in the Centre region after an 18 year old firefighter in nearby Clearfield was injured. Buck was on the front lines battling a house fire when the porch collapsed, injuring him and later taking his life.  Emergency personnel from across the region and state gathered this afternoon to remember and honor him.  Fire trucks were draped with black fabric and lights flashed as the hundred of trucks followed in the procession under an American flag.  Buck01 Buck02 Buck03 Buck05 Buck07 Buck08 Buck09 Buck10 Buck11 Buck12

Thon 2015, Sunday

The final hours of the Penn State IFC/Panhellenic Dance Marathon are always the most emotional.  With family hour after over 40 hours of being on their feet, the dancers are all ears to laugh, cheer, and cry with the families of Four Diamonds children as they share their stories.  Tears stream down everyones cheeks as those who have lost their battle are remembered and honored.  But the party returns with the hope and joy that one day Penn Staters will dance in celebration of a cure. SunTHON05 SunTHON09 SunTHON11 SunTHON13 SunTHON14 SunTHON16 SunTHON17 SunTHON19 SunTHON20 SunTHON21 SunTHON22 SunTHON23 SunTHON24 SunTHON25 SunTHON27 SunTHON28 SunTHON29 SunTHON31 SunTHON33

Thon 2015, Saturday

Raise the roof, don’t stop, don’t stop
Diamonds, up top, up top
Together, one family
Magic, the BJC
For the dreamers all year long
We Are! Penn State Strong!

The chorus of the line dance filled my ears as I walked onto the floor of the Bryce Joran Center today, less than 24 hours into the 46 hour Penn State IFC/Panhellenic Dance Marathon.

I started out focused on the entertainment crew, piecing together memories from the weekend on the stage, and pumping the beats to keep everyone moving.

Covered in baby powder from the Slides of Strength, silly string in my hair from a laughing Four Diamonds child and squirt gun spots on my shirt didn’t matter, it was fun to be capturing the energy and excitement.


Pup to the Rescue

I woke up this morning to a call about a fire in Bellefonte. Bellefonte is comprised of many large historical buildings, that have a bad history of terrible fires.  I got to the scene as quick as I could to see crews already had the fire under control and it was contained to a small portion of the three story building.  As I chatted with people gathered on the sidewalk I met Tom, and his dog Buster, who was the hero for the day.  Buster never gets into bed with Tom, but this morning he jumped up to wake up Tom and alert him of the fire.  They both made it out of the building through the thick smoke, and warned another tenant to get out.  Way to go Buster! VerizonFire01 VerizonFire02 VerizonFire04 VerizonFire05

409 Is Back

The fall out from the Sandusky Scandal have been going on for years.  With many lawsuits and twists and turns there are always articles and news involving the issue.  Today there was a sigh of relief as news came from the NCAA to reverse some of the sanctions they placed on Penn State, including the return of Joe Paterno’s wins.

The vote went unanimously at the Penn State Board of Trustees meeting and led to excitement around town.
BOT02 BOT03 BOT06 CafeSign Rally2 Rally4

No Snout About It

It was in the teens this afternoon as I pulled in at a snow covered barn to meet high school junior Emily and her pigs.  Buddy, a black berkshire pig, snorted from his pen as he anxiously awaited being fed at our arrival. Despite being a little over the weight limit Buddy will venture to the Pennyslvania Farm Show next week to be judged and sold through the 4-H program.  EmilyPigs01 EmilyPigs02 EmilyPigs03