Icy Conditions

As I headed to an assignment the temperatures were dropping and it started to drizzle.  Soon the alerts started filling my twitter feed as icy conditions covered the county.  Portions of the interstate 99 were closed and traffic backed up as crews tried to reach the accidents and slick spots with salt. As I walked towards one of the overpasses with my gear and a safety vest one of the fire cops told me to be cautious on the bridge.  As soon as I stepped onto the different surface I slid across the ice.  I photographed the scene and shuffled slowly back to my car. The situations where weather professionals and the media suggest folks to stay inside are the ones we still go out in to bring you the news.  Icy5 Icy6


Bitter air and windy gusts couldn’t stop hundreds from coming out for the annual THON 5k race this morning.  With THON, which raises money for pediatric cancer, growing every year, all of their events do too.  Penn State students rallied around the Four Diamonds families as they ran the roads of campus.

I enjoy covering THON events for the joy and excitement on the faces of the kids.  There are always costumes and toys and full hearted laughs.  Thon5k01 Thon5k02 Thon5k03 Thon5k05 Thon5k06 Thon5k07 Thon5k09

Football Bye Weekends

I know last season I wrote about bye weekends here in State College.  When the football team is off the town is still bustling, but with a different type of activities.  There was a long list of community events to cover today October kicked off.  On my way to my first assignment on the Little Juniata River I literally got stopped by breaking news.  A tractor trailer hauling cars had lost their breaks coming down the mountain and slammed into a house. As neighbors filled the sidewalks in their pajamas we learned there were no serious injuries. SemiCrash02SemiCrash03SemiCrash05 With the accident I never made it to the river clean up before jumping over to State College field hockey. SCFh3To wrap up my day I learned something new along side hundreds people that waited in line to get on the ice at Pegula Ice Arena.  They didn’t wait for hockey, or a figure skating show, they waited for curling.  An Olympic curling official and other curlers from throughout the state taught visitors the basics of throwing the 44 pound stone and sweeping the ice.  Curling1Curling3Curling4Curling5

Day Of Caring

Each year community members take time away from their normal 9-5 job to help non-profit organizations throughout the community.  The day that has been going on for years was originated by Col. Gerald Russell who passed away earlier this year.  To honor him and his dedication to helping others a special dedication ceremony was held to rename the day to the Col. Gerald Russell United Way Day of Car.  DayCaring02 DayCaring03 DayCaring04 DayCaring05 DayCaring07 DayCaring10


Today was national suicide prevention day, and folks in Centre County gathered to remember those who have left us too soon.  Local organization Jana Marie Foundation hosted the event at Millbrook Marsh that featured artists of all mediums and the lighting of remembrance candles.

suicideprevention1 suicideprevention2 suicideprevention3 suicideprevention4

Beef, It’s What’s For Dinner

As I wondered through the tents from my car to the animal barns a came across the sunshine club singing and dancing for all to enjoy.
SunGrange02Next came my mission for the day.  To spend time at the junior market beef show.  Youngsters work all year on raising cattle to show in hopes of winning a ribbon and a monetary prize.  Then the animals are sold, and as the announcer said, these cattle can fill your freezer…
SunGrange03 SunGrange04 SunGrange05 SunGrange07 SunGrange08 SunGrange09 SunGrange10

322 Truck Accident

Soon after I walked into the office this afternoon the scanner went off with a truck accident on 322.  As soon as we heard the address I knew the location, a common curve in the road for accidents.  I headed out in the dreary weather as driver of the truck was taken to the hospital and crews worked as quickly as possible to reopen the road.

I opted to get most of my photo from above on an overpass, rather than try to cross the highway into the median.  I then went to a park path to get a new view with all the people observing from the same overpass.  I knew being right on the scene was an option, but I decided safety, and an overall scene setter worked well for the afternoon.  322Truckaccident01 322Truckaccident03 322Truckaccident05 322Truckaccident06

Graduation Highlights

Pomp and Circumstance seems to be on repeat in my brain this week as I covered four of our five county graduation ceremonies.  Spread out over the week I covered Penns Valley, State College, Bellefonte and Bald Eagle Area and saw the popularity of “selfies” as someone on stage snapped one of themselves on stage with the class behind them.
grad01 PV Grad12 PV Grad14 grad04 SCgrad12 SCgrad15 BFgrad02 grad08 BFgrad11 grad10 BEA Grad16

Memorial Day Rememberance

Red, white and blue and veteran caps dotted the crowd gathered at the Pine Hall cemetery this afternoon for the annual Memorial Day service.  Volunteers raised American flags throughout the cemetery as taps rung through the air on a bugle.

Then Sgt. Adam Hartswick stepped up to the mic to share his story.  Adam recently celebrated his alive day, 1 year since he lost both of his legs over seas.  He recalled the events that day, and the friends he watched perish ahead of him.  He reminded the crowd to remember those who have been lost and never let their names be forgotten.

Each time I have the opportunity to photograph Adam I learn more of his story and the sacrifices he and many others have made to keep everyone in the States as safe as possible.  Pause during the barbecues this weekend to say thank you to those lives that have been lost over the years.
Memorial02 Memorial03 Memorial05 Memorial06 Memorial07 Memorial08 Memorial10

Same Love

Yesterday Centre County approved same sex marriage licenses.  After a reporter made several trips to and from the office and the courthouse we finally got a hold of a couple.  We got in contact with the very first couple to apply soon after the office announced the licenses were available.

Ascha and Rebecca were such a fun and happy couple and welcomed me into their home late at night after Rebecca finished work.  They laughed and talked with each other in excitement of the day as I captured the love of their family with their young daughter. It was uplifting to photograph a piece of Centre County history for the LGBT community.

family02 family05 family06