Hockey Valley Is Back

Hockey Valley is back with the third season of Penn State being division 1 hockey, and the second season in Pegula Ice Arena.   With a over time tie Friday night the Nittany Lions came back out in full force this afternoon to win, 7-1.   I always forget how much I enjoy shooting hockey and was surprised I dusted off the photo cob webs pretty quick in the first period.  Here are a few of my favorites from both games.
UConPsuHock02 UConPsuHock05

UConPsuHock06 UConPsuHock07 UConPsuHock08 ConnPSuHock03 ConnPSuHock05 ConnPSuHock06 ConnPSuHock08 ConnPSuHock10

Michigan State at Penn State hockey

Penn State hockey had an intense series with Michigan State this weekend at Pegula Ice Arena.  Friday nights game went into a shoot out, the first I have covered.  After confusion on which end each team would shoot on I settled to photograph the Penn State players as they skated towards me, and use a long lens across the ice as the goalie made saves to the cheers of the student section.  After seven rounds the Spartans got the win.
MSUatPSUhock01 MSUatPSUhock03 MSUatPSUhock05 MSUatPSUhock10 MSUatPSUhock11 MSUatPSUhock15

Tonight both teams came back fighting for a win. The Spartans took it again, 2-1.
MSUatPSUhockey01 MSUatPSUhockey03 MSUatPSUhockey06

Union at Penn State Ice Hockey

Covering Penn State hockey is turning into one of my favorite things.  The atmosphere in Pegula and the intensity of the action is so fun to capture.  This weekend Penn State hosted Union for two games.  Though neither games outcome was what they team was looking for they still fought through the third periods.

PSUhockey14 PSUhockey04 PSUhockey09 Pegula also hosted the first annual teddy bear toss with hundreds of bears flying onto the ice to be donated to the Hershey Medical Children’s Hospital.  PSUhockey16 unionpsu05 PSUhockeyUnion01 PSUhockeyUnion02 PSUhockeyUnion04 PSUhockeyUnion05 PSUhockeyUnion08 PSUhockeyUnion12

Musselman’s Ice Skating Show

With Pegula Ice Arena still in its opening month visitors are taking every chance they get to see the new facility.  Tonight Musselman’s Applesauce used the state of the art rink to host a family ice skating show with country star Sara Evans.  I sat on the edge of the ice for the first half, trying not to get hit by boom camera as they taped the special to be aired on television later in the month.

skating01 MusselmanIce04 MusselmanIce08 MusselmanIce10 skating05 As the stars took a break the Penn State figure skating club and the Nittany Lion showed off their skills.  MusselmanIce16 For the second half I wondered around the top of the arena and watched the excitement in the crowd from the flips and spins.  MusselmanIce18 MusselmanIce19 MusselmanIce20

Penn State Women’s Hockey

As our fall high school sports have been winding down I’ve found that my afternoons have been slower.  In this well needed slow time of the season for our photo staff we’ve all been exploring and trying to learn new things.  This afternoon I decided to head to Pegula Ice Arena to cover the women’s hockey game.  With Pegula being new to all of us we’re still learning which hallway leads where, and photo locations work out the best.  Today I discovered a photo hole that allows a clean view of players skating towards the camera and nice shots behind the net.
PSUwhockey1 PSUwhockey2 PSUwhockey3 PSUwhockey5 PSUwhockey6 PSUwhockey7