As I walked into the Penns Valley gymnasium tonight there was a different odor in the air, laughs from the crowd and more than humans running up and down the court for a basketball game.  Tonight was the Future Farmers of America’s annual Donkeyball fundraiser, where FFA students hopped onto donkey’s to play some basketball.  Each donkey moved ad their own pace, despite the prodding from it’s rider, and some bucked their rider right off. The night was more about fun then winning and loosing, and all about raising money for the group.
DonkeyBBall2 DonkeyBBall3 DonkeyBBall5 DonkeyBBall6

Graduation Highlights

Pomp and Circumstance seems to be on repeat in my brain this week as I covered four of our five county graduation ceremonies.  Spread out over the week I covered Penns Valley, State College, Bellefonte and Bald Eagle Area and saw the popularity of “selfies” as someone on stage snapped one of themselves on stage with the class behind them.
grad01 PV Grad12 PV Grad14 grad04 SCgrad12 SCgrad15 BFgrad02 grad08 BFgrad11 grad10 BEA Grad16


Tonight I walked into McCoy Natatorium with my camera bag, instead of my swim bag. I hadn’t photographed a meet in the nat since I was in college since it’s rare that we cover swimming.  I was prepared for my camera to fog up and arrived early to let it adjust and to be able to set my white balance.  I enjoy covering swimming, but it’s a fine art of knowing what heat you’re on, when they are going to turn towards you to breath, and who’s who in your photos, no numbered jersey’s to make it easy!