A few weeks have passed and I’ve been so busy capturing moments that I haven’t had chance to post some of my favorites here.  I’m working to keep up to date!

We’ve moved into winter sports and the plethora of holiday events for one of the most wonderful times of the year as the song says.  And I’ve gotten to share the story of some pretty adorable youngsters.  Filko 05 PSUvolley4 PolarPlunge2 Hanukkah2 BFPVrec10 BFPVrec19 BfVictorian03 ToysTots1 POwrest4 BowlMedia100 PSU grad9 Amina4 SantaExpress2 SantaExpress4

Santa Express

Last year I was assigned to the Santa Express, a ride on a historical train through Bellofonte to celebrate the holidays with a reading of the Polar Express, and a visit from Santa.  I hadn’t been on a train since I was a youngster and didn’t think about the motion aspect of the journey.  When I stepped off the train after the hour long adventure I felt terrible.  Walking the wrong direction of the train, kneeling and taking photos completely threw off my equilibrium.

The ride is a big success and tickets sell out faster and faster each year.  This year when I found out I had the same assignment I was prepared.  I made sure I had some food in my stomach, I had Dramamine on hand, a ginger ale in the car and tried my best to stay moving in the direction that the train was.  For my equilibrium the ride was a great success.  For my photos I have mixed feelings.  As I started weaving through the cars with Elf, and Santa himself I discovered my flash batteries were dead.  I figured it would be okay especially as we entered a car with all red and green lights.  Perfect for the holiday spirit, not for my white balance.  The effect didn’t turn out as I hoped and left me with a discolored Santa.

Next year I know I need prepare for the motion, and double check all batteries since the spares in my car do no good when I’m on a train.

SantaExpress1 SantaExpress2 SantaExpress3 SantaExpress5 SantaExpress6 SantaExpress7