OSU at PSU women’s soccer

This afternoon’s soccer game started out dreary, and led to a steady rain.  The game must go on despite the elements and Penn State battled to a 4-2 win over Ohio State.   Since I can’t have an umbrella on the side lines I took to the stands hiding under my polka dotted umbrella to create some images that created a great clean green background.  In recent weeks I hadn’t taken time to go to the stands for a different angle, and so I was glad for the rain excuse to do so.
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Fall Sports Already?

Wait, summer is over?  The calendar says it’s here for a few more weeks, but the sports season says it’s time for fall.  My fall photo brain needs to wake up from it’s slumber, it’s time for soccer, women’s volleyball, field hockey, and of course, football!

This weekend Penn State women’s soccer team is hosting an invitational and tonight they took the field against West Virginia.

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Penn State Women’s Soccer

For a college town, fall is officially here.  Though there are several weeks left of summer, the students have returned for classes and fall sports have begun.  Tonight the Penn State’s women’s soccer team, who is ranked #6, played #1 ranked Stanford at Jeffery Field.  Due to deadline I was only able to stay for the 1st half of the high energy game that was played infront of a record breaking crowd.

Stanford won the game, 3-2.