2013 Sports Illustrated Big Ten Football Preview

Last night I heard my phone go off as I drove back to State College from a fun photo shoot in Reading.  I went right to the grocery store when I got to town and finally opened up the message to see a photo of a magazine page from a friend.  The photo on the page looked familiar but I couldn’t tell exactly what it was.  After roaming the aisles for my groceries I wondered down the magazine aisle.  The first thing I happened to pick up was the 2013 Sports Illustrated Big Ten Football Preview.  As I started to flip, there it was, my photo, double truck with the lead off story!  I may or may not have danced in the aisle for a few minutes, but it’s allowed, right, it’s my first double truck.  Here are the images and a quick iphone snaps of the two pages I have in the magazine.