Aqua Pups

I love the pool in the summer time. I enjoy swimming, and laying out reading with diving board breaks.  Labor day weekend when they close their doors is a always a disappointing day for me.

Today though I got one final pool day, but instead of enjoying the water myself, I photographed local furry friends having an exciting afternoon and splashing their way through the pool.

DogSwim1 DogSwim3 DogSwim4 DogSwim6 DogSwim7

Makers Week Finale

I learn new things everyday with my job, but today my teachers were younger then normal and definitely could outsmart me. With the summer maker week at Schlow library and the Discovery Space coming to an end youngsters gathered to show off what they’ve created.  Dune buggies stopped and started as they turned through an obstacle course, a drone hovered, pressure bottle rockets shot into the air, and paper towers got built higher and higher.
Makers1 Makers2 Makers3 Makers4 Makers5

Grange, Sunday

I enjoy the stories everyone shares with me at the Grange fair each year.  A tent with a large corn obelisk grabbed my attention to start the day.  The family created the decoration off of a photo from one of the first fairs.  With good history to start my day I captured images to become history for these families.
GrangeSun1 GrangeSun4 GrangeSun5 GrangeSun6 GrangeSun7 GrangeSun9

Sky Gaze

Last week I walked into the darkness at Bernel Road Park to spot things in galaxies far away.  Central Pennsylvania Observers hosted one of their skywatches for members of the community and the club to take a better look planets, like Saturn, and stars light years away.  With slow shutter speeds, since a flash would disrupt the viewing, I tried my best to capture some moments.  Today I met up with the organizations president in sunny skies to learn more and capture a portrait.  And I even got to take an up close look at the sun.  Observers1

Observers3 Observers6

Aviation Day

Growing up I’ve always loved planes.  I’ve soared through the air in a glider, photographed from an open cockpit two seater and always thought it’d be awesome to get my pilots license.  So photographing aviation day was just as exciting to me as it was to some of the youngsters who who added their own sound effects from the cockpits of local pilots planes that landed on the tarmac at the University Park Airport.  From war planes, helicopters, a commuter jet, a sea plane and more aviation exploration was encouraged.

AviationDay01 AviationDay04 AviationDay05 AviationDay08

BMX Pump Track

Tires were spinning and dirt was flying as youngsters sped through the new BMX pump track in Philipsburg tonight.  The kids were fearless, and if they had a whip out they were up and in line before you could offer to help.  The borough’s popular new attraction is creating a place to be outside and active, and even drew a nationally known BMXer to test it out and hang out with the locals.  BMXpark1 BMXpark2 BMXpark6 BMXpark7