Bellefonte Victorian Christmas

By mid morning today the snow was coming down and instead of putting a damper on Victorian Bellefonte Christmas it added a new buzz and feel to the yearly event.  Happy Christmas was heard along the streets from members of Dickens theater company, craft vendors shared their art and the horses trotted proudly up High Street.

VictorianBF01 VictorianBF02

The snow made for unique and beautiful photographs, but also made focusing a lot more difficult that normal.  I had several frames of this family in their homemade outfits, but when I returned to the edit them I realized that about half weren’t focused on the ladies, but on planes of snow ahead of them.  Thankfully I had several that still worked very well, in addition to some of Santa opening the doors to his shop.  VictorianBF04 VictorianBF05 VictorianBF06 VictorianBF07