ATV Cruisin’

One of my favorite parts of this job in the new adventures I get to go on.  Today I rode on an ATV for the first time! I was bundled up for the day, then the gentleman who offered me to ride with him gave me even more layers for our 9 mile drive out to an old train tunnel.  Bundled up, the helmet, and freezing rain on the cruise back made it a little more difficult to photograph but it was a fun chance!
SSRT03 SSRT04 SSRT05 SSRT07After the riders passed through the tunnel I paused for a few moments in amazement of the ice forming at the entrance way.  Mother nature can do beautiful things.
Winter2 Winter3

Puppy Love

This afternoon I ventured out to meet Rugar, a friendly German Shepherd. The pup spends his days outside happily running in the back yard from a twenty foot chain, and napping in his heated dog house with a heated water bowl.  Lately Rugar’s owner has been getting calls and visits from police of neighbors and passerby’s being concerned about the dog being outside.  At first he didn’t mind showing that the dog is safe and healthy with the cold temperatures, but as the visits become more frequent it is taking a toll on he and his wife. I spent a decent amount of time there as the man teared up sharing the story and saying how much he loves his dog, and seeing how much the dog adores him, and is full or energy and excitement to be outside.  Greib01 togetherGreib03 Greib05

Tornado in Centre County

Last night after all the heavy rains and storms passed through the area rumor of a tornado built on social media sites.  There were a few phone video clips posted but it was difficult to trace the exact location and to know for sure if the dark clouds were a tornado.

Today the national weather service confirmed a tornado touched down in Boalsburg and did some damage on a farm’s property.  I headed out to the farm and found the family spending their day cleaning up the yard and talking about the chilling experience from the afternoon before.

The winds pulled the roofs from several of the small barns and sheds and took down tree limbs, scattering some hundreds of feet away.

Snowy Saturday

While I was out of town for the holidays the snow in State College had accumulated to about 8 inches.  When I rolled out of bed this morning and opened the shades the snow was coming down again and there was three fresh inches of fluff added to the piles.  I bundled up and headed out for some snowy features.

Hot Hot Hot

It was a toasty day here in Happy Valley.  Temperatures soared as I ventured out to find how people were staying cool.  I went to the local creek and found a lot more people than I was expecting.  After a few minutes on the shore I kicked off my shoes, rolled up my pants and headed in the water with them.  The water felt great, but the rocks on my feet were not as soft as I remember them as a kid.  Here are some of my favorites.