I’ve lived in Pennsylvania my entire life, so am used to cold winters, but wow winter has been brutal.  With temperatures way below the average and record lows it’s been hard to emerge from the warmth of blankets.  I headed out around the region to see how folks were braving the single digit and negative real feels. Many were bundled up and were limiting time outside, and then I found a few youngsters who didn’t seem to mind at all!

Skiing in Memory

Young skiers braved the single digit temperatures and the negative wind chills to speed down the trails in memory of Pierre Lallement.   Lallement was a ski patrolman and father who loved the downhill experience and families came out in his memory.  His wife worked the finish line, and his boys raced along side other youngsters from around the region.  Slalom1 Slalom4 Slalom3 Slalom2

Igloo Fun

Igloos made out of snow are popular in regions around the world for folks to stay warm. I know it’s been cold in State College this winter, but did’t think it was that cold till I walked into a local backyard to see a full size igloo. The winter wonderland creation by a group of friends will be their a cozy hideaway to host gatherings till temperatures start to melt away their ten days of hard work.
Igloo1 Igloo2 Igloo3 Igloo6

No Snout About It

It was in the teens this afternoon as I pulled in at a snow covered barn to meet high school junior Emily and her pigs.  Buddy, a black berkshire pig, snorted from his pen as he anxiously awaited being fed at our arrival. Despite being a little over the weight limit Buddy will venture to the Pennyslvania Farm Show next week to be judged and sold through the 4-H program.  EmilyPigs01 EmilyPigs02 EmilyPigs03

ATV Cruisin’

One of my favorite parts of this job in the new adventures I get to go on.  Today I rode on an ATV for the first time! I was bundled up for the day, then the gentleman who offered me to ride with him gave me even more layers for our 9 mile drive out to an old train tunnel.  Bundled up, the helmet, and freezing rain on the cruise back made it a little more difficult to photograph but it was a fun chance!
SSRT03 SSRT04 SSRT05 SSRT07After the riders passed through the tunnel I paused for a few moments in amazement of the ice forming at the entrance way.  Mother nature can do beautiful things.
Winter2 Winter3